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Triple pink masking: a pampering session

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Triple pink masking: a pampering session

Spending more time at home can only mean something: “treat yo-self”! Anything is an excuse to use the million masks you have been buying and forgetting to use. And I am no exception fellows! To be honest I have a full stack of masks at home that I can’t find the time to fit into my routine.

Everytime I remember to use one I have already lathered my night cream on and so I leave it for next time. But that next time I am either too tired or can’t be arsed. So I have been slowly incorporating masks into my routine because let’s be real, the stack is getting way too big for me not to use it.

Amongst them all, these have been my latest choices.

Update: at the time of publishing I had finished one of them already.

The exfoliating

Ever since I have tried this mask I fell in love with it. Seriously though, I have been saving it because it’s way good! It is the perfect concoction of chemical and mechanical exfoliation. And although I am not a big fan of mechanical exfoliation they won me with this formula. It combines vulcanic microcrystals and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to achieve cell metabolism activation and smooth skin.

I leave it for 10 minutes and then gently remove it with circular movements and water. 2-1 baby!

The resurfacing

A couple of weeks before my wedding I had tiny breakouts all over my face. Great, right? So after I got rid of those annoying pimples I was left with a horrible skin texture…Until I found this clay mask. Besides drawing out impurities, its pink clay brilliantly smoothes and ressurfaces the skin. This is my go to whenever I have breakouts, which unfortunately is more often than not.

The hydrating

The previous mask leaves a perfect canvas for a hydrating mask. This one has a gel-like texture that penetrates super quick into the skin and uses an hydra O2 complex that oxygenates the skin. Fancy, eh? I prefer to use it in warmer days because its smell and texture is especially refreshing.

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