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Best hand cream for every occasion

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Best hand cream for every occasion

These have been some tough times, and though we should be washing our hands more often to avoid contamination we are also slowly wearing off our skin barrier by doing so – soap and constant friction end up destroying the skin’s lipid mantle. Though all the hand washing is unquestionably for a good cause, i.e. to keep our skin virus free, we need to take care of them afterwards with the best hand creams.

Since having worked in a lab for many years, and my hands were either in gloves or being rubbed with alcohol, I have developed the habit of stocking up different hand creams in various places. The one I keep in my bag, the one I keep over the sink…You get the gist!

Now more than ever I thought of collating the best hand creams I have tried or counsel on for the last years. You won’t find any instagram-worthy-horribly-expensive hand creams here, but there is basically a hand cream for every budget.

Above my sink

Instead of having a nice pump next to my hand wash, I have been keeping this massive tube of Clarins hand treatment cream for after I wash my hands. The choice lies with the fact that is very light and absorbs well. It’s not the most hydrating of them all but if you hate thick creams this is up your alley.

On my desk

Either if it’s at home or at work, the idea is to have a cream that’s a) hydrating and b) non-greasy. Because you want to go back to typing as soon as possible. You gotta hustle. Nothing better than the affordable working-man option like Neutrogena or an oat calming Aveeno. Besides, you can find these anywhere!

In my bag

They need to be conveniently small and perfect for on-the-go moisturisation. The Body shop hand creams were one of my all time favourites, since they are travel sized and dry quickly on the hands. And as I have mentioned before here, the L’occitane shea butter travel size one is a lifelong inhabitant of my tote.

On my bedside table

How many times a day have you been washing your hands lately? Now add that to being a healthcare provider and your hands will start falling apart. Quite literally – they flake and rip and become extremely uncomfortable. Luckily I have been keeping mine crack free, but if you ever want a balm that ultimately saves your skin I got you covered.

If you feeling more indulgent and the state of your skin is still manageable, treat yourself to this Aesop balm. Quite frankly the best smelling hand product out there for me. For sensitive skin that has ripped apart, the French pharmacy brands will never disappoint you – think Cicaplast, Cold cream or Atoderm. Slather them onto your hands before bed and a miracle will unravel overnight.

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