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My Clarins favourites

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My Clarins favourites

I was way excited when My Clarins range was released last year, in fact I run to a counter and tried everything. Even though it’s directed at young adults, nothing prevents my not-so-young-adult arse to try it. I’ll be 40 and still think of myself as an YA – it’s all in the attitude people!

This range was released quite a while ago so I had plenty of time to give it a good run, and the truth is that I have repurchased some items so that gotta tell you something.

Let’s just start by highlighting the fact that My Clarins is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, made mostly with organic ingredients, recycled and recyclable materials. How great is that? Pretty sure more brands could learn from this. The range was curated around simple formulas and easy care, not too elaborate but not too simple. The perfect combination for someone that doesn’t know where to start with their skincare and can’t be fussed to use loads of products. Three of their products really did stand out for me though.


You know I am partial to a good gel cleanser so there are no news here. It purifies an refines the skin, removing excess sebum but not to the point where you are left looking like a prune. Would definitely recommend to anyone with combination skin and those going under a retinoid treatment.


It’s your spritz and go! Either after cleansing for some added moisture or anytime during the day to refresh and soothe. I used this ALL the time during summer when temperatures hit the roof!


Honestly one of the few hydrating masks an oily skin folk would want to use. It is extremely light, so don’t fear breakouts as it absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling to your skin.

Before you go I will just add that products smell really nice, but I don’t believe to the point of irritating a sensitive skin. Also, they are a great bang for your buck!

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