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Winter saviours for dry skin

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Winter saviours for dry skin

Just when you think Winter is fading away to slowly become replaced by Spring…you’re wrong. It’s a fact that days are longer, though weather is not warmer here in London and lately I see myself holding for dear life with this stormy wind.

I thought I would show you some of my Winter staples, i.e. the products that have been absolute saviours for my dry skin.

Your lips don’t lie

So you’ve just got a really nice berry lipstick but your lips are chapped and even peeling. Relatable? Welcome to my life. I can literally use any over the counter peeling solution that my tough skin won’t cave, but when it comes to my lips oh boy, it’s like a snake changing skins for all I know.

That’s why I always keep a Nuxe lip balm on my bedside table. It acts like a lip mask deeply hydrating those dry patches during the night. And as I wake up my lips feel smooth and restored. Key ingredients: honey, shea butter and sweet almond oil.

Cracks in the sand

So you never forget your face moisturiser, but what about body lotion? Yeah I know it’s quite a tedious task when you just want to put some clothes on and get on with your life. What if you have a something that moisturises and quickly absorbs?

Cerave moisturising lotion has been perfect for a morning quick fix, and besides it comes in a pump it couldn’t get any easier. Key ingredients: ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

When I have more time and need something richer, The Body shop yogurts have been a blessing. Almond is my favourite! Key ingredients: shea, almond oil and hyaluronic acid.

White knuckles

L'occitane hand cream | May's blossom

I feel like all of my sebum glands just over produce on the face, since the rest of my body feels like the Sahara desert. My hands and cuticles are horribly dry all the time so you will never find me without a hand cream. Even though L’occitane shea butter one is quite thick, it absorbs straight away and hasn’t left my bag since I’ve got it. Key ingredient: Shea butter (duh).

Only after I have written this have I realised there is quite a shea butter theme going on. Completely unplanned. It shows how good of an ingredient it is for dry skin though.

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