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Bullet journal 2019

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Bullet journal 2019

As I start writing this post I have just realised that I am on my third year of bullet journaling. Insane! Who would have thought I would be able to keep it going for so long? Yet I am proud to have been so diligent.

A couple of friends have mentioned they would like to start one, and my thoughts about it are: just start! Do not stress about your messy handwriting, crooked lines or the lack of beautiful doodles. My bullet journal is not perfect, neither is it pretty for most people’s standards. But it reflects my minimalist style and most importantly it’s functional for myself.

Year goals bullet journal

As per usual my bullet journal starts with some main pages with my so beloved lists: goals, books, movies, quotes. You name it! A little surprised I didn’t add the grocery shop list in there.

Every year I try on new spread: first year I started with a monthly grid and then I use to write some random days over the week with little notes or events. Total waste of space in my case. I have later switched to a weekly grid, which worked quite well since I had enough space to write in each day and could get a global view of the current and following week.

This year I decided to take a minimalist approach. No grids and no lines. Just black pen and some hints of colour here and there. I am still using a different colour for each month as it allows me to make the most out of my markers and keep things a bit more interesting.

I am also trying this new monthly tracker for my expenses by category. Can you guess which one fills up the quickest?

expense tracker bullet journal

A slight change in the habit trackers… I was not keeping it up to date. Only the exercise one, so I have then simplified things and did an yearly one. Yes those are exactly the amount of days I exercised in February. The rest of the days were spent eating Lindt mini eggs and Pret a manger croissants. New year new me, right…?

habit tracker bullet journal

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