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Gel moisturisers

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Gel moisturisers

All of us combination and oily skin types have a hard time finding products that boost hydration without turning us into grease balls. The secret lies in choosing a water based moisturiser rather than a thick cream. Why? A gel has a higher content in water compared to your regular creamy and thicker moisturiser. So, by having a fewer amount of oily ingredients it provides a more lightweight and quickly absorbed formula.

Mind you, they are not in any way less moisturising they are just less “greasy”. And that is a plus for blemish prone and oily skin since pores won’t get blocked as easily. So it’s set that they have a watery base, but what about the rest? They usually include a couple of ingredients that will either attract water to your skin or lock it in.

More importantly, gel moisturisers are not only suitable for combination and oily skins. They are brilliant for any skin type especially in warmer months, when skin produces more sebum. Basically a good all year around product to have in your cupboard. Besides, they look pretty in that #shelfie you all want to take.

I will use this post to review some of the gel moisturisers I have tried. Keep your eyes peeled for updates! 

Clinique Dramatically different hydrating jelly

A super lightweight gel with hyaluronic acid for continuous hydration and a blend of natural extracts for pollution protection. The pump dispenses the right amount of a quickly absorbed gel that leaves no residue. Perfect for extremely oily skins and all of you city workers and tube commuters.

Combination and dry skin types may benefit from a primer as makeup doesn’t last as long.

Neutrogena Hydro boost water gel moisturiser

This is the definition of a gel moisturiser in all its shape and form. The texture is exactly what one would presume of a gel, a bit more thick and sticky. Since its second ingredient is silicone, absorption is slightly longer but it layers well under makeup. Also, you can’t deny the advantage of the price.

Clarins hydra essentiel cooling cream gel

An intriguing combination of a gel with a sorbet which results in the most beautiful formula. Interestingly its formula doesn’t have hyaluronic acid but rather a concoction of several humectants which attract water molecules onto the skin. It’s a rich though fast absorbing gel with an anti-pollution complex that I cannot stop wearing this winter.

Belief the true cream – water bomb

It breaks my heart to say this is my favourite gel moisturiser so far. Why does it break my heart? Because I only bought one. I should be ashamed of myself. The formula is like no other and a little goes a long way. Never have I ever felt so moisturised with such a light watery cream formula. Oh and the smell, fresh fresh fresh!

Great for any skin type any time of the year. Wears great under makeup.

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