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Five series you must watch on Netflix

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Five series you must watch on Netflix

Initially I thought of this post entirely due to the fact that I just binged watched the second season of The sinner. I needed to tell someone about it besides all my friends and family, so I wondered why wouldn’t I tell you all about the Netflix series you ought to watch. So here it goes, a great enabler for some Netflix and chill.

The sinner

I am not going to lie, I first started watching this because of Jessica Biel in the first season. I think this is how initially the series got known, because everyone was intrigued with her character. So what is The sinner? A crime drama that revolves around why a normal person commits a brutal homicide. The main character change from one season to the next, and you slowly get to know what led them to become on time murderers. If you like mystery and detective investigations this is up your alley.

The crown

Historical dramas are not my jam, so when I tell you this is a good on just believe me. It takes you through the life of Queen Elizabeth II since her early 20’s coronation until this day. It is a great way of learning or revising some of the UK’s history and getting to know, almost like in a personal level, it sovereign. What most impresses me is the acting and directing, which is so beautifully done. Claire Foy you have my heart.

The Crown | Five series you must watch on Netflix


So…I have this soft spot for Jason Bateman. There I said it. I mean he is cute and has done loads of romantic comedies, so I wasn’t expecting to see him playing such a dark character so brilliantly. He moves his family to Ozark to laundry money to a Mexican cartel and the series just goes all around the crime and drama involved in it. Also, the general filming is very dark which I think adds a nice touch to the vibe of the series.

Ozark | Five series you must watch on Netflix

Stranger things

Do I even need to start? Firstly it goes back to 1980’s, which is such a cool decade for music and clothing. Secondly, it takes place in a small town in Indiana in which the main characters are kids. Kids! Like, how cute is that? But don’t be fooled, these kids are straight on badasses running away from a creature of an alternate dimension. I am not massively into science-fiction but this one is hard not to love, I have watched the entire season 1 in one go! Undoubtedly, a cult series.

Stranger things | Five series you must watch on Netflix


Last but by all means least, a documentary. If you like Vox on YouTube you are going to love this! Each 20-minute episode has a different topic which is briefly explained in a simple narrative by often a famous person. From cryptocurrency to why women are paid less, there is always something new you had no idea you needed to learn.

Explained | Five series you must watch on Netflix

Go on then and login Netflix, I know you want it. Grab popcorn. Or chocolates. Your choice.

Any series recommendation you have for me, drop them down on the comments.

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