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My favourite books of 2018

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My favourite books of 2018

This year has been grand is terms of reading! Not only have I almost completed my reading goals, I have also read some utterly great novels. And…I’ve discovered Goodreads! Whaaaat… I am so late to this game I know. My fave pastime has been going through ratings between goodreads and amazon and making extensive wishlists. If you want to be friends click here to stalk what I have read so far.

Similarly to last year’s post I am telling you about my 2018 favourite books, in the hope you get curious and give them a try.


Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

I had no idea of the plot when I first started reading this book, but it turned out to be one of the most interesting of this year.  Eleanor seemed like a very challenging character, with a social inadequacy that alternates between embarrassing and extremely funny. The way the story develops made me feel intrigued by her childhood and what had happened in her life to make her so isolated and damaged. It’s impossible to get to the end of the book without feeling a great sense of empathy for Eleanor.

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine | Favourite books 2018 | May's blossom

Little fires everywhere

The story starts by piquing your curiosity to the max, when a tragedy takes place in a “perfect” suburban neighbourhood. It wavers between the past and the present to ultimately explain the beginning of the book, just so it culprits on why it has that title. It brings up the hardness of life changing decisions and the core of motherhood with a bit of teenage dilemmas in the mix. I straight away recommended it to my mum, so    we could discuss the character’s views and behaviours throughout.

Little fires everywhere | Favourite books 2018 | May's blossom

Small great things

I had seen this book all over, so I picked it and gave it a go. Little did I know what was coming…It is an eye-opening controversial drama about racism, prejudice and privilege. The author’s sincerity in trying to depict these themes and her thorough research make it an essential read. It is one of the most enlightening books I have ever read.


A little disclaimer here, I have read both these books in about 5 days. Yes, 5 days. I hope this tells you something.


Oh I love myself a bit of a page-turner! The story takes place in London, in an area that I am quite familiarised with which makes it all more interesting. A turnout of events for a regular school teacher that promises to change his life forever. It is a suspenseful thriller that alerts you for the fragility of your privacy in nowadays technological world. I am quite astute when it comes to plots, and even I didn’t see it coming!

Close to home

This is an enthralling mystery that put me on the edge of my seat. Couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop reading! A girl disappears and between the stress of finding out where she is and if she is alive, her dysfunctional family intrigued me more than anything else. A cold superficial mother, a cheating dad and an (understandably) unstable older brother. Another big “dind’t-see-that-coming” at the end.

Close to home | Favourite books 2018 | May's blossom

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please let me know your fave books from this year on the comments down below!

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