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Fresh summer skin with Jowae

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Fresh summer skin with Jowae

I had been seeing this brand all over and got really curious. Not only because of their beautiful packaging but mainly due to their ethos. Jowae is a new French Korean brand focused on lumiphenols. Sounds complicated? Not really. They come from succulents, those lovely plants we all like to have at home. They have amazing benefits, like antioxidation and repair, that when combined with other plant based active ingredients, makes great skincare products. Oh and all their products have at least 93% natural ingredients, which is amazing.

Unfortunately they are still not widely available, but you can easily get Jowae products in Portugal, Italy and France or order them from the UK online.


So what have I tried from their range?



Let me just start by saying that the scent is so fresh that you feel like walking down a forest. Although being all year round products, they are highly useful for the hot weather. The micellar water is very low in ingredients which I think it makes it so simple and gentle. Removes makeup very well without being harsh, but as expected it’s just a first cleanser so it won’t get rid of your waterproof mascara.

Their pressurised hydrating water is definitely a summer must have! It feels so refreshing and cooling during this hot weather that it has made me obsessed. At the moment it has been crazy to fall asleep in this heatwave so that little spritz before going to bed is bliss.

Fresh summer skin with Jowae | May's blossom

As I have written here several times I have combination to oily skin, and although it’s extremely important to keep my skin hydrated I always seek for lighter formulas that won’t clog it or make it pan-like greasy. So the balancing mattifying fluid is by far my favourite product from Jowae. It has such a light texture that absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling very moisturised but not at all sticky. Bloody great I would say!



Want a moisturising hand cream that absorbs fast and smells garden-fresh? Look no further. Besides it has a perfect size for any bag.

Fresh summer skin with Jowae | May's blossom

The body lotion was probably my least favourite. The container is amazing (thumbs up fort the pump!) and the formula is very hydrating. However, I could only use it in the evening because it takes quite long to sink into the skin. If only it absorbed quicker it would be a very good moisturiser for my extremely dry legs.

Fresh summer skin with Jowae | May's blossom

Have you tried Jowae? If so let me know on the comments below which are your favourite products.

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