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On my vanity

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On my vanity

This past month I have been a bit obsessed with pink. A little disclaimer:  I hated pink as a kid. All I wanted was to ride my bike and wear trainers all the time (the latter still applies). My mum once tried to buy me a pair of white and pink Nike trainers and I acted like it was the most silly suggestion of all time. Times have changed.

Even though everyone is already embracing summer’s gold and glowy look, I am still pretty much into spring’s soft pink and blush. Here are a few favourites from this beautiful season that is soon ending.

Hugo Boss The scent for her | May's blossom

I am not a parfum connoisseur and to be honest I usually stick to the same one all year around. But ever since spring has started I have stuck with this Hugo Boss The scent for her It’s warm and sweet, yet very subtle. Its peachy scent hangs around lightly in the air.

An oldie but a goodie is my YSL rouge volupte shine I got it to wear at a wedding because it went perfectly with my dress but I end up wearing it whenever I am looking for a bolder lip. It is a highly pigmented lipstick, yet so comfortable and long lasting. If you are looking for a shiny and non smudgy lipstick for this wedding season, this is your thing.

YSLrouge volupte shine & cinco Lore necklace | Mays' blossom

YSL Rouge volupte shine in 06 Pink in Devotion

I have had this beautiful Cinco Lore necklace in my wish list for ages! So when my birthday came right in the middle of spring and I got it as a gift, I was delighted! Cinco is a Portuguese fine jewellery brand that I am completely in love with. They have such beautiful unique and delicate pieces, it’s impossible to resist.

What have been your spring favourites? Or are you already full on that bronzed summer look?

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