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Discovering Caudalie

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Discovering Caudalie

Let’s talk about Caudalie! I have been hearing about this brand for ages now, but only recently have I purchased more than their iconic beauty elixir. And oh boy, is it good!

This is not a brand review or a list of my favourite products, it’s solely my view on the products I have been using from the brand. Caudalie is all about the active ingredients extracted from vine and grapes and their benefits for the skin. Also, they don’t use any of the (as they call it) controversial ingredients in their formulations, like mineral oils and parabens.

So as for now, the products I have used are very gentle for the skin. If your skin is sensitive or just a bit reactive and inflamed, I sense this would be a very good brand to try.



Even though I am not the biggest fan of milk cleanser, I honestly feel like is such a waste of cotton pads to get all the gunk from your skin (don’t blame!). BUT, I have been using the Gentle cleansing milk all over my face and wiping it with a damp face cloth and it’s great! It’s super soft and removes make up very well. It won’t remove waterproof mascara or dark eyeshadows but then you would always use a specific eye makeup remover for that.

Caudalie gentle cleansing milk | May's blossom


Caudalie does have a few masks, but when I saw the Glycolic peel I was really curious. I have talked about it in my exfoliation video, and it is indeed a very effective yet kind to the skin mask. I love using it in the mornings or before an evening out, because the skin gets really soft and bright and the makeup you apply afterwards just sits beautifully.

Caudalie glycolic peel | May's blossom


Should I call it a spritz or a mist? Well, the truth is whatever you call it the Beauty Elixir is bloody brilliant. It’s refreshing, smells great and it does what you really expect it to – a big spray of freshness onto your skin. Great after acid toner, after you makeup to set it and during the day to hydrate, because why not? I always have a travel size of this and love to bring it with me whenever I travel (obvs) or will have a long day with make up on.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir | May's blossom

Caudalie beauty elixir | May's blossom

I hope this post has been helpful and I have a lot of other products to had to my wish list, so this post might be updated veeeery soon!

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