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My bullet journal supplies

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My bullet journal supplies

In the beginning of the year I shared with you my bullet journal setup ideas, and as you probably have realised I like to keep things simple. I am not very arty or creative but sometimes (read: rarely) I feel a bit inspired and spruce my bujo up a bit.

The weather has been so grim here in London that I don’t even feel Spring has even started, so on a showery grey afternoon I grabbed my pencil and drafted a wee seasonal cover page.

But which stationery do I use for my bullet journal, you wonder? You definitely don’t need a fancy notebook or expensive markers to start a bullet journal, actually you just need the patience and dedication to keep something updated.

First things first: the notebook. I use a black hard cover Leuchtturm 1917, with dotted and numbered pages. The paper is smooth yet resistant, and the index in the beginning has proven to be quite useful. I doubt that I will ever change notebooks, as I am greatly happy with this one’s quality.

I started off with just a pencil and a black pen, but since then this is what I have added to my collection.


MUJI 0.5 gel ink pen

You might have noticed that my lines are not neat and perfect and that’s because this year I have ditched the ruler. I already get annoyed at counting the dots on the page, so I reckoned that as long as everything is spaced out evenly I can live without straight lines. And that is where I use my MUJI gel pen, since it has a thicker tip it makes it easier to draw.

Monthly spread | Bullet journal | May's blossom

Pigma Micron 0.35mm pen

Ever since I learnt how to write that I have an extremely small handwriting. It could have been due to the fact that as a child my eyesight was quite bad, so I almost glued my face to the paper when writing, or due to the fact that big handwriting creeps me out (It just looks borderline aggressive like they are shouting at you). Hence, I have always liked fine tip and felt-style pens (Actually at work I rarely use anything but these Staedtler pens). This little Pigma number is somewhat pricey, but it allows me to write and draw really precise little things and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Also, it makes me look like a designer, which in fact no one in their right mind would’ve think I am.


MUJI dual tip markers

Although some of these markers are quite bright, the hexagonal tip makes them perfect to fill in my habit tracker squares. I don’t use them for drawing but rather for straight lines or subject highlighting.

Muji markers | Bullet journal | May's blossom

Artiste pastel dual tip brush markers

These brush markers are my most recent addition and they are absolutely great! On one end they have a fine tip marker and the other a very soft brush. Their pastel tones make them super easy to use, leaving this beautiful subtle colour that does not trespass to the next page. I use them for the occasional drawing and basically anything where I use a free hand.

Artiste brush pens | Bullet journal | May's blossom

Artiste brush pens swatches | Bullet journal | May's blossom

Unfiltered swatches of all the markers and brush pens.

Names written with the Pigma pen.

Handwriting my own, grab your specs.

Muji markers swatches | Bullet journal | May's blossom


I hope you have enjoyed my bullet journal stationery and I would love to know if you use any of these pens or markers. Please give me your favourite recommendations for bullet journal stationery on the comments down below!

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