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What to do in Copenhagen

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What to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen had been on my radar for quite a while, so when your friends are on the same page and the flights are a bargain you don’t hold yourself anymore. We went with a couple of places in mind and a few dots on a map, literally planning on the go, but it ended out to be really fun. Cold, but fun. Seriously how cold can a city be?

In the end we have promised to go back in the summer for a bike ride by the canals and a food market tour, so I guess it’s safe to say we all really liked the city!


Nyhavn harbour

The iconic colourful harbour in Copenhagen’s city centre is a mandatory stop. It looks like something out of a postcard with its little cafes and restaurants, busy by day and romantically candlelit by night. There are loads of boat trips departing from the harbour, which go through the canals and give a very nice perspective of some of the city’s biggest attractions, like the famously modern Opera House.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen | May's blossom

It’s less than five minutes walk from one of Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping streets, Strøget. I mean there are two Sephoras, I think it’s all said.

Skuespilhuset, Copenhagen | May's blossom


Kastellet and The Little Mermaid

A nice long walk from Nyhavn along the canal and you get to Kastellet, a super cool star-shaped fortress [Have a look on the map, it’s impressive!]. Nearby sits the statue of the Little Mermaid, a bronze sculpture based on our childhood’s fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. Not impressive in size but in the amount of tourists trying to take selfies with it.

Kastellet, Copenhagen | May's blossom

St. Albans Church

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen | May's blossom


Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg

The Rosenborg is a renaissance Castle with massive towers and magnificent marbled rooms, that would make any #floorgoals feel bad. Seriously, I could not recommend it enough as it is brilliantly well-preserved.

When getting tickets for the Rosenborg Castle it’s possible to buy them as a pack and also visit with Amalienborg, which is a complex of Palaces and the home of the Danish Royal family. Oh, and here  you get the chance to see the change of the Royal guard at noon!

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen | May's blossom



Christianshavn is the lively neighbourhood of the Opera House, the beautiful Church of Our Saviour  and oh well Freetown Christiania. It’s a self-proclaimed anarchist district involved in controversy since it was created in the 70’s and much like in Vegas, what happens in Christiania stays exactly there.

Christiania, Copenhagen | May's blossom

Christiania, Copenhagen | May's blossom

Christiania, Copenhagen | May's blossom

Have you been to Copenhagen and what were your favourite places? Let me know on the comments below. Oh! And there will be a full post on where to eat! [Mouth watering already?]

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