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My top Glossier picks

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My top Glossier picks

Glossier was launched back in 2014 by Emily Weiss, the founder of one of my favourite beauty sites – Into the Gloss. However, it was only last year that I first heard of the brand and all the hype around it made me curious.

After a failed attempt to find the showroom in New York, I decided to take a chance and put an online order as soon as they started shipping to the UK. Oh boy, and was it worth it! Needless to say that I then went to their showroom here in London and ordered a few more bits.

I don’t intend to do a full review of the brand or all the products I have tried, so I have chosen a couple of favourites. Two skincare and two makeup items that have become part of my routine and that I will continue to stock up.

My top Glossier picks | May's blossom


Even tough I am not a big fan of rosewater, I have admittedly become obsessed with the milky jelly cleanser. The name leads to no mistake, it is a creamy gel with a high content in hydrating ingredients that are extremely soothing for the skin. It’s often difficult to characterise a product as suitable for every skin type, but this is one of the few products that falls under that category.


Besides being packed with high potency emollients, like shea butter and squalane, the moisturising moon mask also has hyaluronic acid which we all know to be great attracting water into the skin. I use it as an over night mask and next morning my face feels like velvet.

My top Glossier picks | May's blossom

Brow gel

I haven’t grown up in a paint-your-brow type of culture, actually while I was growing up seldom were the people around me that had their brows done. But all have changed and I’ve now embraced a tidy minimalist brow with gently filled gaps [I never thought brows could make me write such a deep sentence]. I was previously using this super quick and easy brow gel, but it ran out just in time for me to try the boy brow. It’s bloody amazing! Lasts all day, hairs stay in place and the tint is so subtle it mixes perfectly with your own hairs.

Brow gel Brown

My top Glossier picks | May's blossom


The stretch concealer is perfect for no-makeup looks when you feel quite awaken and less like a zombie. It has a light coverage with a glossy finishing that slightly brightens up the skin. Ideal for under eyes and nose bridge, conceals and illuminates!

Concealer medium

My top Glossier picks | May's blossom

Relevant note: Glossier products are 100% cruelty-free and have no parabens.

Are these on of your favourite Glossier products? If not, let me know which ones you love on the comments below.


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