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Evening skincare routine

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Evening skincare routine

When the weather starts getting colder, I notice that my skin gets much drier and so I like to introduce products that are more emollient and restore the skin barrier. To counteract that feeling of oh-my-face-hurts-when-I-smile after a cold, dry and windy day in London a nourishing evening skincare routine is a must.


As a first cleanse in the evening I have been using Lancome bi-facial face water, and even though I am not the biggest fan of micellar water this one is biphasic, thus is really good at removing make up whilst being gentle for the eyes.

For my second cleanse I am completely sold on this Templespa cleansing melt. Its luxurious texture is like a massage in the face after a long day, with beads that melt and leave the skin feeling hydrated and smooth [specially if using a face cloth, oh what a feeling!]. It’s a great cleanser with a prominent lavender scent and antioxidant oils. It’s perfect for dehydrated, dry and mature skin but I wouldn’t recommend it for acne prone or oily skin.


I could ramble on acid toners and tell you how greatly they have improved my uneven tone but you just have to take my word for it. The Pixi glow tonic is a cult product and if you ever try it you will understand why. Although it’s only 5% glycolic acid I am still not quite using it every night, because the peel in the morning is real [chill out, it’s not like American psycho though] .

Evening skincare routine | May's blossom


If you haven’t heard of retinol my question is what have you been doing with your life? Honestly one of the best ingredients to reduce fine lines and boost collagen production. It is also great at reducing acne scars and helping uneven skin tone. Hell yeah! Goodbye remnants of my teenage skin! I have been using Indeed labs retinol reface every other night, and it’s definitely a great affordable product to introduce retinol in your skincare routine. The texture is a bit thicker than its similar Redermic R by La Roche-Posay. Though, it absorbs quickly and smoothly.

Evening skincare routine | May's blossom


Never an oil has been so spoken of – Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate. Well, like the rest of the world I absolutely love it. It has a strong lavender scent which unintentionally complements my Templespa cleanser. It has a Kiehl’s old time favourite ingredient, squalane. That besides its similarity to the skin’s own lipids, also helps other ingredients to be better absorbed.

I intercalate it with Nuxe dry oil which has tsubaki oil, full of antioxidants and omegas. I used also on the dry tips of my hair [Any curly hair ladies out there? The frizz is real…].

All is sealed with Nuxe creme prodigieuse, a rich moisturiser that feels like carefully whipped luxurious cream. It’s so emollient and occlusive that I wake up with the smoothest of skins!

What are your favourite evening skincare products? Let me know on the comment section below and send recommendations my way!


  1. I don´t know what I’ve been doing all this time, but you showed me the light in the end on the tunnel :p
    I´m very curious to try retinol!!

    Thank you for the suggestion and for another amazing post 😉

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