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Day time skincare

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Day time skincare

Although I’ve written here that my face shines bright like a diamond [not because I turn into Rihanna but because it can be so oily], during the autumn/winter months my skin becomes more like combination to normal. Let’s face it, this happens for most of the year since the country has basically 3 days of summer and the rest is a mix of crispy, showery and windy days. So there is no point in being afraid of more nourishing formulas, which protect the skin from daily environmental aggressors [like pollution and cold weather, not idiots that litter the streets].



I believe you should choose your serum according to your specific skin concerns, and my one is hyperpigmentation. It happens as soon as I go on holiday and get on the sun and it lasts for the following couple of months. Vitamin C is greatly known to be an antioxidant that helps uneven skin tone and this one from The Ordinary is a very affordable and comfortable derivative. Mind you, these things take their time but I am already seeing some improvement.

I was extremely curious to give this eye & lashes serum a go. Vichy claims that it fortifies eyelashes, whilst being anti-ageing and refreshing. Very impressive right? Not so much for me. It only checked the first one and in an almost undetectable way. It is hydrating though absorption is slow and it is slightly sticky.


I have been using this Vichy moisturiser for normal/combination skin, that by having a tiny bit of a salicylic acid derivative not only helps with the oiliness but moisturises at the same time. I have been loving it and the feeling is quite similar to the Liz Earle I used previously.

Very important note: use SPF. I have written about it in here if you want a recommendation for non greasy facial SPF.

Lastly, this time I decided to include a make up product in my skincare. Whut… Well it’s just a little something to make me look less opaque. I usually don’t wear foundation, so sometimes I apply a dot size of this Becca illuminator into my moisturiser, just to give me a little glow. Ha! As if.


Hope you liked my current day time skincare and don’t forget to let me know all about your product recommendations on the comments bellow!

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