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My latest reads

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My latest reads

I have been a keen reader since I was a child, but lately I haven’t had the opportunity to read as much as I would like. If there is something that commuting use to do for me, was giving me the time to read. Nowadays, my commuting involves an overground train, so I spend most of the time looking at my phone [Ironically I am the first to condemn this behaviour, but I guess we often don’t practice what we preach].


How to stop time, by Matt Haig

This one was really interesting, and I have actually read it in less than a week! It’s about a man that ages slower than everybody else. He was born in the 16th century and has been changing identities for centuries in order to stay alive. My favourite parts in the book were the journeys through the eras, since going on Captain Cook’s crusade to having worked for Shakespeare. I think the author’s research for this book was brilliantly exposed in little details and really holds you to the book.

The handmaid’s tale, by Margaret Atwood

I purchased this book on a whim because someone told me about the Series. Well, I am one sucker for series but I had to read the book before I engaged in binge watching it. The fact is that I haven’t watched it yet, but the book was one hell of a good read. It takes place in a totalitarian christian USA, which by itself makes you navigate through a society that does not exist. The narrative goes back and forward in time, so the story of the handmaid is contextualised. I often found myself distressed with the way women were treated in that “new society”, which basically made them birth-giving machines.

Cons – the narrative is a bit slow for my pace.

Next step – to watch if Elisabeth Moss makes justice to the main character.

 My current reads | May's blossom

The life-changing magic of tidying, by Marie Kondo

Truth be told, I was most curious about this book because everyody was talking about Marie Kondo – the queen of tidiness. It has useful tips to keep your house [and life] tidier, to organise, to clean, etc. Basically an instructions book that most of us would like to give to our partners *dismissive cough*. However, I honestly believe is too much. I can’t imagine a regular human being doing all the things Marie suggests on a daily basis. Take as much tips as you can to incorporate in your life but don’t get obsessed with all the details.

Cons – Ain’t nobody got time for all that.


The Food Medic, by Dr Hazel Wallace

I’d been following Hazel for quite awhile and when she launched this book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I’m very picky with cook books, since a lot of them are just a collection of beautiful curated pictures of not so interesting meals. But this one is my best buy of the year. It has a long section of nutritional information, all about macro and micronutrients and ways to combine them in order to have a balanced meal. It’s written in a such a pragmatic and concise manner, that even someone that knows nothing about nutrition would be completely blown away. Well, on to my favourite part – the recipes. They are ideal for a fast paced city life that promotes healthy and flavoursome eating.

Next step – To hope that Hazel writes another one soon!

My current reads | May's blossom

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone-Gryffindor Edition, by J.K. Rowling

For those who know me I am a big Potter fan. Seriously, I have read all the books more than I would like to admit. Although this is rather a nostalgic read more than a new read, it was imperative that it would be in this list. Yes I bought it as soon as it came out and yes I have read it for the nth time.

My current reads | May's blossom

I hope you really enjoyed my latest reads, and please let me know your thoughts on the comments below. Oh and don’t forget to let me know your recommendations!


  1. I should have read the handmaid’s tale before binging the series, but I think I will give it a go! Please watch the series, it’s soooo good (but also really scary and creepy and dark). Good selection of book recommendations, keep them coming 🙂

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