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Guide to Capri and Amalfi Coast, Italy

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Guide to Capri and Amalfi Coast, Italy

Please head here to read the first part of this post featuring the colourfully Cinque Terre. The second part of our trip took part in the fancy island of Capri and the stunning Amalfi Coast.

We got a ferry from Sorrento to Capri, which we accidentally almost missed. If you are planning on going to Capri make sure you have the exact ferry timetables and you plan your journey really well. Unless you want to almost hyperventilate due to stress like yours truly.


When we decided to visit Capri, everything was fully booked or you know, too heavy on our budget. So the right option here was to resort to Airbnb. And oh boy, what a treat! We stayed in an amazing villa 10 minutes away from Marina Grande. Capri is a very small island that can be visited by minibus or by convertible taxi (if you are feeling fancy).

Marina Grande, Capri | May's blossom
Marina Grande

Anacapri is a very cute conglomerate of white houses facing the sea, known for the Grotta Azzurra. It has tons of adorable little shops and gelaterias, meeting in a square with a bright-coloured 19th century residence called Casa Rossa.
Casa Rossa, Anacapri | May's blossom

As for Capri, it has a beautiful square – La Piazzetta, with loads of cafés and shops. The nightlife is vibrant and the city looks alive even late in the night. Just a heads up- it is a very posh place and prices go along with it.

Where to eat

I had an amazing zucchini risotto at Ristorante Lo Zodiaco at Marina Grande. The sun setting and the views might have also helped to the experience. Also, make sure to try the mozzarella from the island, besides gigantic is absolutely delicious.

Amalfi coast

Last but definitely not the least, the Amalfi Coast. Starting with driving through the intricate roads between the cities, with a massive cliff going up on one side and another one going down towards the see. The houses are built on the cliffs in a way I have never seen before, and the hotels have zig zag stairs leading to private beaches. Although our accommodation was in Maiori, a town 20 minutes by car from Amalfi, we easily got on a boat to Positano to spend the day. Positano is a dream! I have no words to describe how pretty it is. The colourful houses sit brilliantly on the cliffs, making you feel like you are walking into a postcard. Oh wait, an Instagram picture I mean, ‘cos sadly nobody uses postcards anymore.

Amalfi Coast | May's blossom

Positano, Amalfi Coast | May's blossom

As for Amalfi, it is totally worth visiting especially for the 9th century Cathedral, the Duomo di Amalfi. The mosaics, the marble and the stone are a vision of perfection and when illuminated by the light of dawn, set a golden tone in the atmosphere.

Amalfi | May's blossom Amalfi cathedral | May's blossom

Where to eat

The marvellous croissants with hazelnut or Nutella spread at La Zagara, in Positano! Any seafood pasta is worth the hype as well, believe me.


Although I have enjoyed this (forth!) trip to Italy tremendously, my favourite place would have to be the Amalfi Coast. I definitely intend to go back and explore it a bit more!

Have you been to Italy before or are you planning on going? Let me know everything on the comments below!

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