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Guide to Cinque Terre, Italy

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Guide to Cinque Terre, Italy

It is hard to look back and realise that you no longer have two months off for holiday like when you were at Uni. So the necessity to make the most out of two weeks arises and planning mode comes into action. I am a planner! I like to make infinite lists and tick each item happily, buy plane tickets and book hotels. However I am somewhat of a lazy person while on actual holidays. I just go along and wait for the next person to take over google maps or choose the best restaurant in the area when we are all too hungry to even think. And that is why is so great to travel with a group of friends, because you end up complementing each other. Ain’t that cute!

This year we decided to go to the Italian Riviera, and that included Cinque Terre, Capri and Amalfi Coast. More of the latter in the next post!

We all came from different countries and met in Rome, rented a car and off we go! If you think is a challenge to organise a roatrip with friends try to make it when everyone lives miles and miles away.

We started in Cinque Terre which, as the name so straightforwardly states, is made up by five lands/villages. The coastline and the colourful villages built on the steepest of cliffs leave no question why the all area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


La Spezia

This city is the southmost point of Cinque Terre and is a great place for accommodation, as it is cheaper than the five villages and makes it easy to access either the coast or the highway. At the railway station we bought a 1 day Cinque Terre Train Card, that makes it possible to travel unlimitedly between the five villages. The train is the easiest and quickest way to travel between villages. If you are a hiker take the foothpath between villages but be prepared for long steep walks.

Cinque Terre map

Monterosso al mare

It took us about 20 minutes to get to the northmost village of Cinque Terre from La Spezia. Pretty quick for a train journey but not long enough to appreciate the views. For real.

Monterosso is the only village with a proper beach so we got there before 8 am (A tear just dropped with the reminder of how early I woke up) to get a nice chair and avoid the crowd of crazy tourists like ourselves.

Sun rise in Monterosso al mare, Cinque Terre

The sun was still rising which made the sea look like an endless mirror.

Monterosso al mare beach

Scroll down if you hate feet.



We got to Vernazza by lunch time, a small village with a harbour and a lookout tower at the highest point called Castello Doria. From there the view is absolutely amazing, the coastline extends beyond what your eyes can see and the water is bluer than the sky.

Vernazza harbour, Cinque Terre

View from Castello Doria in Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Vernazza from the top, Cinque Terre


To be honest this was somewhat of a disappointment. Even though the view at the top is beautiful, the number of stairs one needs to climb makes it anticlimactic. But don’t take my word for it and make it a leg day.



Manarola is an absolute fave! It is as pretty as the pictures, and to have visited in the golden hour I could put my Nikon up to great use. Worth climbing up for a great shot and contemplating while sipping a Nastro Azzuro.

Colourful houses in Manarola, Cinque Terre


Riomaggiore looked like the smallest of Cinque Terre, and I am glad we saved it for last. We finished the day taking amazing pictures of the sun setting in the little colourful harbour.

Sunset in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

Credits to my man who is still upset that I might take credit for this photo.


Where to eat

Well Italy is the pizza motherland so what better for a quick bite? Anywhere and everywhere!

For dinner I totally recommend Ristorante Come Te in La Spezia! We had dinner there twice because we couldn’t get enough of it. It is quite affordable for the quality of the food and the vino della casa. Also, the service is outstanding and the place has a great environment.


I had an amazing time there and hopefully this will inspire to visit Cinque Terre! Look out for the next post about our trip to the Amalfi Coast.

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