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Guide to Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Guide to Montego Bay, Jamaica

I know I have been away for ages, however I feel that is never too late to reminisce about the Caribbean paradise I visited back in April (Oh Gosh it feels so long ago).


What to do

Rick’s café is an old time favourite to visit in Montego bay, so there is no surprise that the place is full of tourists rather than locals. But it doesn’t make it less beautiful and entertaining! There is a gigantic cave with clear blue water to dive to (first platform only, ‘cause ain’t nobody has the balls or dive proof swimwear to dive from above) and a band that keeps playing the latest hits (like pasito a pasito, suave suavecito – made you sing!). Besides it is the greatest spot in the island to see the sunset and I can vouch for that.


  • Scuba diving and snorkel, Iberostar resort, Montego bay

Dressel divers is the place to go! I mean it, everyone is really professional but funny and friendly. Diving was one of the greatest experiences of my live, and I don’t say this light-heartedly because my first dive was somewhat stressing as I kept thinking “breath only through your mouth and try not to freak out!”. In the end, when I got to the depths of the sea and saw all those beautiful reef, sharks and turtles I instantly thought that I need to do that as much as I could before leaving the island!

What to eat

  • Jerk pork or chicken

Scotchies on Coral Garden Avenue has a nice barbecue kitchen outside and some picnic tables. The portions are quite big, but from my own experience there is no such thing as too much festivals and spicy chicken.

  • Pork Pit, Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay

Best pork I have ever eaten in my life. Don’t need to elaborate, words can’t describe.

  • Patties

These savoury pastries could either have chicken or pork, but what’s delicious besides the crunchy outside is the unexpected hint of turmeric, curry and ginger on the filling. I would definitely recommend Tastee Patties on Barnett Street.


What to drink

Although I turned into a big fun of cranberry and ginger juices, the Jamaican red stripe beer is not bad at all. Quite good to go with spicy food if you ask me. But I am a sucker for Wray and Nephew and they have these amazing flavoured rums like banana, chocolate and coffee. Their alcohol content is not very high and I think is one of the reasons why is so addictive (stop judging me!).


What to take

  • Repellent

This might only apply to me. I believe there is a conspiracy going on between the mosquitos all over the world to bite me, rather than everyone else. I got massacred and I still have scars to prove it.

  • Imported items

If you are a fool like me and forget your sunscreen and think ‘oh I’ll buy some there’, don’t do that! It’s a trap! There are only a few things produced in the island so everything that is imported is extremely expensive.


Most of all I had a brilliant time. My body and mind were craving holidays, the sea and Vitamin D. The water is as warm as in a Jacuzzi and the environment is really laid back. If you have ever been to Mobay please let me know in the comments below, so we can cry about not being there.

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