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Spring makeup routine

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Spring makeup routine

I literally spend 5 minutes on my makeup everyday, firstly because I am still half asleep and secondly I don’t really like to overdo it on a daily basis. I like to put on something easy and natural. No highlighters, most of the times no concealer [how do I even dare?] and no contouring whatsoever. I know, you might be already bored at this post but I am just being honest here.


Foundation in shade 15 clair

After my moisturiser [which I have written about in here] I apply this super light coverage Sephora. Yeah yeah, I know it is not sold in the UK but this is so good and it doesn’t cake at all in my skin, so if you are traveling soon get a hold of one. Also, my oily skin gets really well with this even though it is a brightening and hydrating foundation. Bravo Sephora!

Benefit Boi-ing concealer in shade 2

On those really bad mornings, when your under eye’s dark circles extend to your neck and/or you have a nasty pimple just in the middle of your forehead, I get a tiny bit of this concealer. It gets a bit clumpy for the under eye area but it does the trick for pimples beautifully.

Blush in vintage pink [similar here]

I have a lifetime passion for this Givenchy blush [doing a heart shape with my hands right now]. I have honestly been using it for years and I just can’t get enough of it. It is so pretty, subtle, durable and easily transportable. What a catch!


My mascara probably doesn’t need an introduction, does it? They’re real! does wonders for my lashes and quite frankly mascara is the item that I wouldn’t abdicate on my daily routine. It just gives a fresh and waken up look. I also like this one if you would like something less pricey that does the trick.


Mac lipstick in Velvet teddy

NYX soft matte lip cream in Cannes

Last but not least, my favourite of all – lipsticks. There is no such thing as “Oh my, I have too many lipsticks”! What a profanity. I have been crazy about this Mac and NYX numbers. Very subtle and work adequate, good to have on the go and they go well with absolutely everything.

If you use any of these share your love or just let me know what is you favourite Spring makeup routine on the comments below!


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