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Skincare for oily skin

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Skincare for oily skin

Before I start, it might be worth mentioning that I’ve a Pharmaceutical degree (MPharm), nonetheless I am not specialised in cosmetology. Hence, this post only reflects my personal experience with these products and gives an overview of the science behind their action.

I could describe my skin type in a range of combination to you-could-fry-an-egg-on-my-face. I suffered from acne in my adolescence and although my skin recovered, it has always been oily at least for most of the year. Spring has arrived so I know I will be back to my shiny self after a long day at work. And if we add stress and pollution to it, you might even be able to see your reflection in my forehead!

Dynamic duo

Prepping your skin is a must, even if you think you don’t need a moisturiser because your skin will get oilier – that’s a misconception. The Effaclar Mat moisturiser is great, firstly due to its novel ingredient Sebulyse which targets sebum, and secondly due to the action of Perlite, an absorbent that allows the mat feeling. Also, this is a fantastic base for make up, I could even tell you to ditch the primer!

Now let’s talk about breakouts and how Effaclar A.I. is what you need in your life. It has exfoliating agents (salicylic acid and Lipo-hydroxy acids) that act on localised imperfections, like white heads or blemishes. I swear that if you apply this at night, that annoying pimple will be gone by the morning!

Clean it like you mean it

After a day’s work skin needs to be properly cleansed from pollution particles, bacteria and build up make up. Avène Cleanance gel is a very gentle cleanser with zinc, that will reduce inflammation and clean the pores whilst killing the undesirable bacteria. I find it really soothing for my skin and, unlike other oily skin cleansers it doesn’t dry my face to a pumice stone.

It’s been a hard day’s night

So the next two products I only use twice to three times a week and not on the same day. I like to treat my skin to these when I had quite a long day. Like after wearing make up for 10 hours straight, going out and about in the city or just simply after a rough night out.

The Cleanance mask is simultaneously a mask and a scrub. It has exfoliating and antibacterial agents that help deep clean your skin without drying it too much. As for the Glycolic fix night pads this thing is the bomb! These pads have all the agents for a great exfoliation (glycolic acid, mandelic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid). But they still keep your skin’s moisture due to the hyaluronic acid on it, yay!

Hope this post about skincare for oily skin was helpful and somewhat informative to you. Please let me know what is your skincare routine and product recommendations on the comments bellow!


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